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Truly Unconditional Love

August 19, 2014

Hello friends,

It’s been a while. As in more than 3 years a while. If anyone bothers to visit when I publish this post I’ll be amazed. But I have something to say. I might have several somethings to say, we’ll have to see. Today it comes from the story of Vicky Beeching’s coming out. Yup, I’m going there.

There has been a lot of discussion around this. I think it shakes people in ways other Christians who have come out didn’t because she has been a part of so many different people’s regular worship. And this means that her coming out is personal for a lot of people because worship is so personal for so many people.

The backlash is incredible. So much hate masquerading as concern for her soul, her relationship with God. It hurts me. It hurts me more than if it were directed at me, I think. My cousin, who I will say is a liberal conservative Christian responded to a rather disheartening post with an incredibly profound comment. She said:

         “I have been wrong about so many things i was convinced i was right on in my life. Then i felt like God spoke to me pretty clearly that He really didn’t care too much about all the things i was wrong about, because more than likely, I’m still way off. He told me that He loved that i spent time being with Him and talking to Him; that relationship is the ENTIRE reason he sent Jesus. At this point, I would rather be wrong about what the Bible says on homosexuality, knowing that I have put every ounce of my effort into loving people with no strings attached. So if I felt that God spoke that to me, why would His desire for relationship with Vicky Beeching be any different? I think maybe He is a little less concerned about what she is getting right, and more rejoicing over her continued relationship with Him. I realize many opinions differ from mine, that is just where I am currently at.”

I love this. It’s exactly where I am at, although at the end of the day we may end up with different theologies the premise is identical. I can only speak to the relationship I know I have with God. I value the Bible. I value God’s Word. When I came out to myself, a weird idea to be sure, my relationship with God became stronger, better, more intimate than it had ever been before. I truly believe my realizing I am gay, my accepting my sexuality, was the direct result of God interceding on my behalf. I was blind, I was in such deep denial that he had to push his way through. And when he got through he wrapped me up in such intense love, such insane acceptance, that there wasn’t room for me to doubt myself. There was so much love from God for me that I could not have hated myself, nor could anyone else’s hate pierce that love. 

Over the years I have grown to truly believe that homosexuality does not go against God’s will. But more importantly because of the journey I took I am absolutely, positively, certain that God does not call us to judge for him. Our job, no matter what the “sin” may be, is to love. Love without question. Love without hesitation. Love with everything we have, even if we are utterly convinced that a person is wrong. 

God loves us all. Yes, God desires we grow closer to him. He desires that we do our best to live in such a way that we are living according to his will. But God desires relationship with us above all else. Who am I to judge another person and what relationship they have with God? I cannot know what is going on between you and God. I cannot know how the supposed “sin” in your life is affecting that relationship. It isn’t my place. It’s God’s. This doesn’t mean that we are changing what we view as sin. It doesn’t mean I am compromising on any of the things I believe. It means that I am loving. It means that I am letting God do his job, and I will do mine. It means that I refuse to be the person who tries to get in the way of the relationship another person has with God.

If there is one thing I can ask of a Christian it is this. I don’t ask, nor do I want, you to change your theology. I ask that you trust your relationship with God. I ask that you trust my relationship with God. He’s a good guy. He knows what he’s doing. If someday he convicts me that I am wrong, I hope that I will listen. But until that day I know that he loves and accepts me for who I am. You cannot change this, and I am certain he does not want you to. Love. It isn’t compromising your beliefs, it is trusting your almighty God to do his part and you do yours. 


A Stray Dog Like Me

July 9, 2008

Saul treated David horribly, seeking to take his life because he was jealous and felt threatened. So what does David do when Saul is out of the picture? He seeks a relative to give all of Saul’s land to. Okay, I can see why for the sake of his best friend, Jonathan, David would seek someone to give Saul’s property to. What really blows me away is that after finding him and learning he is lame, essentially making him an outcast, or in Mephibosheth’s own words “a dead dog” or sometimes translated “a stray dog”, David still not only blesses him with a gift of the land, but also gives him a place of honor dining with David at his very table, enjoying the company of the king. It’s a beautiful demonstration of God’s love for his people. Here we all are, stray dogs, dead dogs. We are completely useless to him and yet we are valued beyond what we can possibly understand by him. I wonder if Mephibosheth was shown the same love and favor by his own father and grandfather as he was shown by David. It gives me great hope. Here I am completely wretched, and yet God is offering me a place of honor at his table. It’s like the parable Jesus tells of the wedding banquet. A banquet has been prepared. I have been invited to sit around the table enjoying the company of the host. All I have to do is agree to show up. I can show up in my rags, in my dirt and filth, and still be given a place of honor at the table. I can come lame in both feet, unable to stand on my own. I can come leperously totally unclean and sit at this perfectly prepared royal feast. I can come not because of me, not because of who I am or what I have done or can do, but because God loves me so much he has prepared a place for me and he has seen to it that I can make it to that place by providing his Son. As I read the passage about David and Mephibosheth, I took a few minutes to really picture the scene in my mind. Go to 2 Samuel 9 and read this remarkable story for yourself. Take a few minutes before reading to really get a picture of what is going on, read it like it is a movie playing out in front of you, or like you are there in the room watching this unfold. I have no doubt you will see the amazing wonder of this story when you do.